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2022 T2 Summer Term has begun! Register any time! No COVID restrictions - masks recommended.
We have reached 92% of our target student base. There are 12 spots left for the 2022 T2 Summer May to August term (which ends after August 21st).

Written by Master Dao on Monday, January 17, 2022

Take Live Streaming Virtual Qigong and Tai Chi Classes with Master Dao from Anywhere in the World!


You can learn authentic Shaolin Qigong and Shaolin Tai Chi from the comfort of your own home and from anywhere in the world!

About Our Virtual Shaolin Qigong Classes

What is Qigong?


Shaolin Qigong is a type of health exercise to enhance energy awareness, cultivate energy, and circulate energy with particular attention to breathing techniques, movement, and stretching.

By taking our Shaolin Qigong class each week, you'll learn and practice many qigong techniques and forms that will promote mental and physical health.

We are offering both the Foundation and Intermediate Forms classes virtually.

You can learn more about Qigong on our website here:

About Our Virtual Shaolin Tai Chi Classes

What is Shaolin Tai Chi ?


Shaolin Tai Chi is a type of health exercise that combines breath and soft martial movements for training vitality without overly exerting yourself.

This is a healing art that involves interesting self-defence techniques. Learn how to open up, maintain, and heal specific joints and body parts, such as your hips, knees, and back. Learn and apply advanced Shaolin theory such as flowing the breath and improve your breathing techniques.

You can learn more about Shaolin Tai Chi on our website here:

For more information about Shaolin Tai Chi classes, please click this link:

How Do Virtual Classes Work?

Our intention is for you to be able to learn from a teacher as if you were at the school in-person.

Taking a Virtual Class does not require much space as all the exercises are done in one spot.

You will need a webcam along with a computer/phone/tablet that can run Zoom.

You will be able to interact with your teacher and ask questions.

Click here for our Virtual Guide for classes. This contains comprehensive resources for setting up your computer and environment.

Where is the Schedule for the Virtual Classes?

The schedule is listed in our Weekly Calendar. It will default to the current term, and you can choose to view the schedule for an upcoming or future term. This calendar will show both in-person classes at our school as well as virtual classes (you will see a Zoom icon for the classes available for virtual streaming). All times are listed in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Can I Take Virtual Classes If I Already Attend In-Person at the School?

Students who attend classes in-person may optionally attend a Virtual Class whenever he/she prefers (and vice versa). The same tokens are used whether it is in-person or virtual.

How Do I Sign Up?

Like all our programs, Shaolin Qigong and Shaolin Tai Chi are progressive, and you will need to take classes weekly for 14 weeks. During this time, your teacher will provide guidance and new weekly materials.

You will need to purchase 14 tokens for each term and class. For instance if you wish to attend Qigong Foundation and Qigong Intermediate Forms once a week, then you will need a total of 28 tokens. The more tokens you purchase, the more discount you will receive. The annual STQI Membership (select 'Apply for Virtual Class Only Exemption') and uniform is optional for all students choosing to only take virtual classes.

Click here for the main registration page. Select 'Buy In-Person Class Tokens' and then follow the instructions to choose the term and number of tokens.

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