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Shaolin Kung Fu
Shaolin Kung Fu [少林功夫 - Shàolín Gōngfū] is the ultimate expression of the human body for physical and mental strength.
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Shaolin Kung Fu is suitable for anyone who wants to build physical prowess and learn self-defence. Great for both adults and children! Preschoolers can start as early as 3 years old.

You will gradually build up your foundation which includes flexibility, core strength, athleticism stance training, and basic self-defence techniques.

You'll learn your first taolu form called Five Stance Fist Form [五步拳 - Wǔbùquán] and progress to more difficult forms such as Small Chaining Form Xiǎoliánhuán 小連環, and Eight Stance Chaining Form Bābùliánhuán 八步連環.

As you advance to higher levels of training, you will learn more advanced application techniques as well as taolu hand and weapons forms such as Small Flooding Fist Xiǎohóngquán 小洪拳, Big Flooding Fist Dàhóngquán 大洪拳, Seven Star Fist Qīxīngquan 七星拳, Confusing Hands Cudgel Staff Yīnshǒugùn 阴手棍, and Plum Blossom Broadsword Méihuādāo 梅花刀.

Shaolin Qigong
Shaolin Qigong [少林气功 - Shàolín Qìgōng] is the practice of energy awareness, cultivation, circulation, and development for a fruitful life.
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Shaoling Qigong is for adults from 18+ years, and especially suitable for the elderly.

The sooner you learn qigong, the greater your energy potential!!

You'll begin with developing your qigong foundation which includes techniques for breathing, awareness, and relaxing.

You'll learn how to feel 'qi' in the hands and explore that feeling. Other qigong forms you will learn and practice are Láogōng Intention Xīnyì Qigong 勞宮心意气功 and Xuémài Xīnyì Qigong 穴脉心意气功.

You'll also lightly work on your flexibility and start with a foundation qigong form called the Eight Brocades [八段錦 - Bāduànjǐn].

In time, you'll learn more qigong forms such as Circulation Liúdòng Qigong 流动气功, Small Flooding Xiǎohóng Qigong 小洪气功, Shaolin Buddha Warrior (Diamond) Shàolínjīngānggōng Qigong 少林金刚功, and Muscle Tendon Strengthening Yìjīnjīng Qigong 易筋經.

We do not offer classes to children but we do make exceptions for teenagers (13+) who are mature and respectful.

Shaolin Tai Chi
Shaolin Tai Chi [少林太极 - Shàolín Tàijí] is the most robust expression of human energy for physical and mental health.
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Shaolin Tai Chi (also known as Shaolin Gentle Fist Kung Fu) will enrich your spirit and promote vitality through breath and martial movement. The human body is designed to move and this class will enhance your blood and energy circulation without overly exerting yourself.

This is one of the greatest secrets in martial arts - Shaolin's Gentle Fist has been around for over 500 years. The forms are easy to learn but difficult to master. Each movement and exercise technique has a martial self-defence application.

Shaolin Tai Chi is a healing art. Learn how to open up, maintain, and heal specific joints and body parts, such as your hips, knees, and back. Learn and apply advanced Shaolin theory such as flowing the breath and improve your breathing techniques.

Your study plan begins with establishing your foundation for gentle and smooth movements, flexibility training, light stances, and relatively easy to do core workouts.

You'll begin with a form called Eight Stance Gentle Fist Form [八步柔拳 - Bābùróuquán] and eventually progress to Cloud Hands Fist Yúnquán 云拳 and then an advanced ancient form called Gentle Fist Form [柔拳 - Róuquán].

Shaolin Meditation
Shaolin Meditation [少林坐禪 - Shàolín Zuòchán] is the ultimate practice for peace in the heart and stillness of the mind.
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Shaolin Meditation has been around for over 1,500 years. It's based on an ancient philosophy called Chán 禅 which is more commonly known as Zen.

What makes Shaolin Meditation unique is its approach of simplicity in technique and philosophy. That is, with time and practice, one can simplify thoughts and develop an intimate understanding of perceptions and emotions.

We currently offer meditation sessions through our events: bi-monthly workshops and Shaolin Retreat Camping for those who want a more intense practice.

Our workshops offer light philosophy and discussion over two hours and are suitable for beginners as well.

You can also learn and practice on-demand through our online learning platform.

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