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The 2024 T3 Fall September to December term begins September 02, 2024. Registration opens to the public on August 04, 2024, Sunday.
We have reached 82% of our target student base. There are 36 spots left for the 2024 T2 Summer May to August term.

STQI Membership
STQI Membership is an annual charitable donation to Shaolin Luohan Temple. This membership enables you to purchase and attend classes at any of our STQI schools across Canada.
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All students are required to obtain an annual STQI membership through a charitable donation to our affiliated organization Shaolin Luohan Temple. There is no tax. If you'd like to learn more about your charitable donation, please click here to go the Shaolin Luohan Temple website.

We prepare charitable tax receipts in February. You can claim charitable tax credits in order to reduce your personal income taxes. We will notify you once the charitable receipt is available for pick up from our downtown Toronto school.  

Family Membership is valid for all members living in the same household and address and include any legally declared dependent(s). The charitable tax receipt will be issued to the designated family head only.

If you are applying for Membership Exemption, please note that proof is required and must be sent to or shown to our reception staff at our downtown Toronto school.

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We're one of the schools under Master Shi Guo Song's STQI brand of schools.
(STQI stands for Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute)
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