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The 2024 T3 Fall September to December term begins September 02, 2024. Registration opens to the public on August 04, 2024, Sunday.
We have reached 86% of our target student base. There are 28 spots left for the 2024 T2 Summer May to August term.

Erhu Chinese Fiddle Instrument Classes
Erhu Chinese Fiddle instrument classes for adults and teenagers 14+ years of age. All classes are 1 hour in duration. Start date is October 3, 2020 to December 5  for Online classes. In-Person classes at the downtown School will resume in the Winter Term starting January.
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Each term has 10 weeks of classes over 4 months:

Winter Term: January to April
Summer Term: May to August
Fall Term: September to December

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Erhu Chinese Fiddle [二胡 - èrhú] is a classical Chinese instrument similar to the violin.


Our erhu classes are designed for beginner and intermediate students of any age, and no experience with string instruments or music is necessary. If you’ve always wanted to learn an instrument this class is for you! We limit the class size to ensure a more personal learning experience. Our teachers will not only train you to play this beautiful instrument, but also teach you music theory and to read simplified notation. If you advance quickly you will be able to join the intermediate group. In addition, with our system of learning erhu you will be able to take erhu examinations and progress through the erhu grading system.
To participate in our erhu classes, you will need an erhu instrument. We suggest a professional erhu made with a heftier wood material such as rosewood. Although expensive, the sound quality is much greater. You may purchase your own or buy one from our school. We sell only professional erhu instruments and are pleased to offer them at a discounted price for our students.

Overview of the Erhu Instrument

Erhu is a Chinese ancient instrument with a tone similar to a western violin, yet more soulful and expressive, extremely popular in China today as a medium for both traditional and contemporary music. The erhu was introduced into central China from the minority tribes in the northern frontier during the Tong Dynasty 618 — 907AD)and became popular during the Sung Dynasty(960 —1270 AD). Throughout its thousand year old history, it has been constantly improved. Played with a variety of techniques, it is now extremely popular for both solo and orchestral performances to play Chinese and western music.

Erhu Level 1 Class

The objectives of the Erhu Level 1 Class are:
  • To read numbered notation or/and staff
  • To recognize erhu bowing and fingering symbols and dynamic signs
  • Right hand basic bowing techniques, holding the bow, short bow and long bow
  • Left hand postures and basic fingering technique for stopping strings
  • To play short songs with D key and G key
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