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Shaolin Tai Chi Online Classes
Shaolin Tai Chi is the most robust expression of human energy for physical and mental health. Learn at your convenience with our powerful online learning system at This is also a great way to supplement your in-person training at one of our schools!
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This course is recommended for adults from 18+ years, and especially suitable for the elderly. 

This course (also known as Gentle Kung Fu) is designed for those who want a low-impact workout, or want to learn how to develop and use the core. This is one of the greatest secrets in martial arts! Shaolin's Gentle Fist has been around for over 500 years. It is similar to many other forms of Tai Chi except the forms are shorter and easier to learn, and the movements are more dynamic. Your study plan begins with establishing your foundation for gentle and smooth movements, flexibility training, light stances, and relatively easy to do core workouts. You'll begin with a form called Eight Stance Gentle Fist Form [八步柔拳 - Bābùróuquán] and eventually progress to a super advanced form called Gentle Fist Form [柔拳 - Róuquán].

The minimum renewal is 3 months. There is a 10% discount for yearly subscriptions (automatically applied when selecting your options). 

There is an additional discount of 25% if this is your second online course, and an additional 50% discount if this is your third or fourth online course. Free courses do not qualify for this discount type. These discounts will be applied when you checkout with your cart.

Please choose carefully as we do not offer refunds once you begin your study plan.

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