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Written by Master Dao on Wednesday, November 03, 2021

The 3 Days of Shaolin Fun and Fitness

The Shaolin Fun and Fitness portion of the Shaolin Retreat runs on the weekend from Friday to Sunday and is intended for individuals and families.

This is a time for students, parents, and guests to come together to have some fun and train outdoors in the wilderness.


The three Shaolin Disciples of Master Shi Guo Song (Dao, Chuan, and Xin) form the main instruction team for the weekend.


The day typically starts with Sunrise Qigong. Breathing, stretching, and qigong forms are practiced to help open up the body and support enhanced circulation. Combined with the gentle rays of the early morning sun, this popular activity is a great way to get the day started.


Everyone pitches in to help around the camp site and to make breakfast. The food and ingredients for breakfast are all provided.


Instructors help to run a class for the kids and we always begin with a short meditation to help focus on the training ahead.


Stretching is an important part of our training and here we have the adult kung fu at the front, Shaolin Tai Chi at the back and to the right, and the kids kung fu at the back and to the left. We make good use of the common field!


Stances help to develop willpower and foundational strength. It's one of the key training exercises we look forward to!


Training outdoors with fresh air and qualified instructors makes the experience even better!


Kids have fun training and learn to get stronger through our traditional training methods.


Be sure to check out our other blogs on other activities that we do during the week!

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