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Feiyue Authentic Shaolin Hightop Training Shoes for Men and Women
These stylish shoes provide extra support for the ankles. They are very comfortable and ideal for martial arts training and other arts such as dance, capoeira, etc. Comes with certificate of authenticity so you know you are getting the real deal! They may also be worn for every day fashionable and comfort wear. This hightop version of the Feiyue shoes are used by actual Shaolin monks and thousands of Shaolin martial artists all over China as well at our own STQI schools.
More Details
The lightweight and flexible base is great for training and will wear more quickly than the average shoe. People who train in martial arts can expect to renew their shoes every 6-8 weeks or less depending on the surface and training regimen

These shoes may be worn outdoors but will be slippery on wet surfaces so do take care!

Comes in European sizes from 27 to 47.

Shoe Size Guide:

EU 27 | Youth US 10
EU 28 | Youth US 11
EU 29 | Youth US 11.5
EU 30 | Youth US 12
EU 31 | Youth US 13
EU 32 | Youth US 1
EU 33 | Youth US 2
EU 34 | Youth US 3
EU 35 | Youth US 4
EU 36 | US Women 5
EU 37 | US Women 6
EU 38 | US Women 7 | US Men 5
EU 39 | US Women 8 | US Men 6
EU 40 | US Women 9 | US Men 7
EU 41 | US Women 10 | US Men 8
EU 42 | US Women 11 | US Men 9
EU 43 | US Women 12 | US Men 10
EU 44 | US Men 11
EU 45 | US Men 12
EU 46 | US Men 13
EU 47 | US Men 14
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