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Student Testimonial by Yan J.
STQI has had an extraordinary impact on my physical and mental well-being since I joined in January 2019. Each class is packed with drills and exercises that challenge my cardio, stability, flexibility, balance, coordination, strength, and endurance. The school's philosophy teaches discipline and perseverance, two virtues that were essential to surviving this tumultuous year. As I write this in December 2020, it is more important than ever to maintain our physical and mental well-being. Dao's Live Virtual Online Classes have been invaluable, especially as the weather got colder. Initially, I thought that training on Zoom would be no different than training on my own. However, the reality is that simply the VIRTUAL presence of Dao and other students pushes me to train harder. They provide a source of motivation without the distraction that may come with in-person classes, which allows me to focus more. With the use of "breakout rooms", there is also more one-on-one training with Dao. Since starting online classes, I have stayed active, grown stronger, and progressed faster than ever before. Even though they can't replace the social benefits of in-person classes, they're certainly the best option in the current circumstances. I would encourage everyone to sign up and start training again soon!
Shaolin Kung Fu
Shaolin Kung Fu [少林功夫 - Shàolín Gōngfū] is the ultimate expression of the human body for physical and mental strength.
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Shaolin Kung Fu Classes

We have many Shaolin classes for adults and children! Explore them on this page to find out which ones are for you! You can click on a link below to jump to it.

Kung Fu Foundation Class

This class is about training traditional Shaolin fundamentals that builds strength, flexibility, coordination, cardiovascular endurance, and power.

We have foundation classes for children as well as adults. Many of these happen at the same time for the convenience of family planning!

A typical class includes warm up drills, stretching, stance training, foundation kicks, self-defence kicks and punches, conditioning exercises.

This class is designed to be challenging regardless of level. Expect to be pushed a beyond your limits each time!

Prequisites: None

Kung Fu Taolu Forms Class

This class is about application. This includes safe sparring exercises, advanced training techniques unique to Shaolin, and taolu forms.

For those unfamiliar with Taolu Forms, these are a set of self-defence techniques and movements put together for convenience of practice and improvement.

You will start off with a foundation form, which will take around 3 months to achieve an intermediate level.

You will then progress to more advanced levels of the form, and learn the secrets of how to use the techniques and movements for self defence.

As you develop your self-defence capability, you will learn even more difficult hand forms as well as weaponry.

Prequisites: Shaolin Kung Fu Foundation

Womens Self Defence Class

This is intended for women who want the comfort of taking a self defence class with other females, and will emphasize strategic, mental and physical training using traditional Shaolin philosophy and methods.

Simple techniques with repetitive training are necessary for immediate and long-term effectiveness!

Each class will include philosophy and mental exercises, warm up and stretching, footwork, striking techniques, escaping techniques (from various grabs and holds), safe sparring drills, wrestling, iron body training, and core strengthening exercises.

Students will also practice a Shaolin form especially designed for this class by Master Dao.

Prequisites: None

Preschool Kung Fu Class

This class prepares children from 3 to 5 years for advancement into the regular kids kung fu classes.

Our main task is to make preschools comfortable with our environment through positive reinforcement.

Preschoolers are motivated through fun animal kung fu games that help them to train their motormechanics, flexibility, and balance. In this way, they'll also be introduced to meditation, stretching, and stance training.

Parents may sit near their child and offer encouragement and support until the child is comfortable participating on their own.

Prequisites: None

Sanda Fitness Class

This is a fun class that stresses on cardiovascular endurance and power, utilizing the traditional Shaolin methods.

There is no sparring or gear needed for this class.

Each class includes footwork drills, aerobic style kung fu exercises for power muscles. Includes Sanda exercises unique to Shaolin!

Recommended to adults for fitness or to supplement the Sanda Sparring class.

Expect high calorie burn!

Prequisites: None (Kung Fu Foundation highly recommended)

Sanda Sparring Class

This class focuses on sparring exercises, strategic thinking, and conditioning.

With continued practice, one's mind will be prepared to handle oneself in a real self-defence situation.

It includes control exercises, iron body training, and practicing combination techniques to develop one's toolset.

Sparring matches are optional and highly recommended for the full experience.

Prequisites: Kung Fu Foundation or Sanda Fitness, plus Sanda gear

History of Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu isone of the oldest institutionalized forms of martial arts in the world, and has been around since around 500 AD. It was conceived and cultivated at the Shaolin Temple which is in the central north-east region of China today. Its peaceful perspective of self-defence first combined with the spiritual teachings of Zen philosophy is what makes it truly unique.

In the 1300s, the Shaolin Monks helped to keep the peace by training Shaolin Warriors who joined the militia. At the highlight of the Shaolin militia, there were over 2000 Shaolin Warriors. Although not necessarily Shaolin Monks, these warriors were adept at pugilistic self-defense and weaponry.

By the 1500s, a new government took power and disbanded the Shaolin Warriors. It was at this time that likely these Shaolin Warriors took on their own disciples and passed on their teachings, resulting in many forms of Shaolin martial arts today.

The traditional lineage of Shaolin Kung Fu continues through Master Guo Song and his disciple Master Dao in Canada today.

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