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Written by Master Dao on Saturday, January 09, 2021

Master Guosong Iron Qigong Demonstration at 14th World Congress

Master Shi Guosong is the first to ever demonstrate hard qigong techniques in Canada. Watch as an early Master Dao cracks thick wooden dowels on Shifu Guosong's head, arms, belly, and legs.

The early apprentice Dao had hair back then and was given that honour to swing the wooden dowels. Master Dao recalls, "These dowels were thick and made of fresh wood. I remember trying to hit my own arm with one. Not only did it not break, it began to swell badly. I'll never forget the feeling of stick as it broke on my master's belly. The impact was soft and the stick inexplicably exploded!".

Indeed many people who demonstrate this use thinner and dried up wood so that it breaks easy. Not Master Guosong!

After that demonstration, Master Guosong proceed to have random people punch his belly. A random gentleman who clearly knew martial arts came up and proceeded to do some strong side kicks into Master Guosong's side ribs without any effect. It's supposed to be a weak spot and the ribs should normally break easily! Instead, it was as if the kicking energy was absorbed.

Finally, Master Guosong demonstrated the iron bar technique. After some mental qi preparation, he grabbed two iron bars and stacked them together. The audience was quiet in anticipation. He then proceeded to break them rather effortlessly on his head! The first in Canada no doubt to perform this high risk maneuver.

Master Dao recalls, "I remember back stage when my master came off stage after the iron bar demonstration. I checked his head and it wasn't even pink! I was astonished. He then told me that with the advanced internal qigong training that I was undergoing, I would be able to do the same, and that it would take no less than 10 years of daily training. Time to persevere!"

Master Dao adds, "After those 10 years of tough training, indeed I finally succeeded in learning how to use internal qigong to break iron bars. But the really amazing thing is that my master can actually break four stacked iron bars, a feat that I doubt anyone else in the world can do."

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