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Written by Master Dao on Thursday, September 15, 2022

Shaolin Zen Mural Second Place Winner


Congratulations to Ray Vidal for winning second place in the Shaolin Zen Mural Competition!

Here is Master Dao's commentary:

"Ray tied for first place in the voting, leaving me with a really tough choice of deciding the winner.

He pulled in many elements of Shaolin - the front gate of the Shaolin Temple, meditation, students sparring as illustrated similarly to an ancient mural in the White Robe Hall. He cleverly incorporated the slanting stairs into the art itself with scenic hills, slopes, and trees.

His art style and experience is clearly top notch. His use of colours brings vivid life to the whole mural.

All of my students, and myself, would have been very happy to see his art painted on our entrance walls."

Students were not privy to the explanations provided by each artist. Master Dao wanted his students to take the time to study the idea behind each design and vote based on the Shaolin Spirit and understanding of each artist.

Ray explains his design and approach:

"I strongly believe in space activation and public art as a way to bring community members together, especially when they are in community shared spaces. I want to create a public art piece that older and younger generation can engage and connect with as a community. That will allow for different groups and demographics to build connections and create ties in the public realm that will give a sense of belonging, deeper appreciation for Shaolin practices and philosophy, generate excitement and serve as a learning opportunity for new members that join the STQI community.

For this mural, I am looking to combine accessibility and familiarity together. I want the mural to reflect the Shaolin temple and STQI community. Incorporating elements of kung fu, tai chi, qi gong, meditation, and philosophy taught at the school. I want to also use imagery that is found in the school such as logos, colour pallet and objects with significant meaning found in the space to echo shaolin beliefs to help promote the school and pull new comers into the space.

When I think of Shaolin Temple I think self-control, self-respect, mental and physical health, well being, energy and how to direct energy. Practicing these ancient artforms can give you a sense of purpose, peace of mind, clarity, interconnectivity, connection and harmony in life. Through understanding and practicing meditation and learning the art form from a certified shaolin monk. Meditation can transport you to different times and places in your life and make you reflect on the things your seeing. Providing a vital life force, medicine, healing and discipline you can use in your daily life. I want to the art to reflect the school and its teachings. Being able to create artwork in the space will be an honour."

The prize for winning second place is:

  • Design Fee: $100
  • 14 Class Tokens (for Shaolin Kung Fu, Qigong, and Tai Chi) including a uniform set (shoes, pants, and shirt) – value of $350

If you would like to contact Ray Vidal or have a look at his other art projects:

Congratulations Ray!

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