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Written by Master Dao on Thursday, May 19, 2022

How to Join the Instructor Team


Why We Need Instructors

The instructors (including assistant instructors) of STQI are a key component of the school's continued success as they represent the spirit of our traditional Shaolin culture.

Without instructors, we cannot grow and positively impact more people's lives.

We need more instructors and assistants for all our programs including Shaolin Kung Fu for Adults and Kids, Shaolin Tai Chi, and Shaolin Qigong.


Why You Will Want to Become an Instructor

Becoming an instructor will deepen your practice of Shaolin culture and provide you the opportunity to share with others the joy and benefits that you have experienced.

You will learn to become a teacher and develop new skills. You will be challenged through teaching Shaolin theory, philosophy, and techniques appropriate to the disciplines of your choice.

As an instructor you will also be enforcing your understanding of the Shaolin Virtues, and be part of a team that continues to lead by example.

As a bonus, instructors who become a Main Instructor and have their own classes also get paid!

Becoming an instructor also gives you the opportunity to teach at our March Break and Summer Camps, as well as for the Shaolin Luohan Temple Outreach classes.


How Do I Progress as Instructor?

You'll begin as an assistant and you'll be assigned a particular class day and time.

Your progress will be gradual and you will be given responsibilities and assignments by the Main Instructor of your class.

As you gain experience, you'll naturally be given more responsibilities. As we open new classes, we may offer you the opportunity to become a Main Instructor.

We also regularly host free workshops for our instructors where we learn to become even better instructors! We also learn and practice advanced Shaolin theory.


What Are the Requirements to Become an Instructor?

Generally, we require at least 1 year (3 full terms) of training before considering any application for instruction. The student must be technically competent and be able to pass at least a Level 2 Grading Exam for their discipline of choice (we will add a link to more information about our Grading Exams later in 2022 as we expect to hosting Grading Exams again by early 2023). If you are not sure, you can still apply and we'll let you know if you qualify.

There are no specific age requirements for instructors, although children should only consider applying if they are interested and feel excited about the idea of teaching.

How Do I Apply to Become an Instructor?

Click the link below to fill out our application to become an instructor. We'll carefully review your request and typically get back to you within 48 hours.


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