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The 2023 T2 Summer May to August term begins May 01, 2023. Registration opens to the public on April 03, 2023, Monday.
We have reached our target student base for 2023 T1 Winter January to April term. In order to register, you must first fill out a registration request form here.

Written by Master Dao on Friday, August 05, 2022

Fall Term Registration Begins - What is New

STQI Shaolin Class Composite

Registration is Now Open to the Public for the 2022 T3 Fall Term

The current 2022 T2 Summer term ends after August 21. We've seen our student base grow to over 160 students! 

With new instructors joining the team, we're opening more classes and increasing our student capacity to 175 students. 

Please see below for more details about our upcoming fall events and classes.

Registration is now open to the public. Register today at!

Fall Term Begins Monday, September 5, 2022

STQI Shaolin Class Composite

Shaolin Medicine Large Intestine Illustration

The fall term is about change - from the hot summer months to the cold winter days. Thus the theme for the fall term is BALANCE - the balance and the transition of yin and yang energies.

We will learn about yin and yang, and how it applies to our Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Qigong classes.  We will use this idea to continue to train and strengthen our body and mind. We will also learn how to apply ancient Shaolin Medicine wisdom in our Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Qigong classes to diagnose and improve the health of our STOMACH.

The stomach is one of the vital organs of our body. Its main function is prepare the foods you eat for processing. If your stomach does not function well, you can experience many symptoms such as pain, nausea, belching, and hiccups. On the other hand, by understanding how your stomach works, how to diagnose it, and how to take care of it, you will be able to ensure your other organs can properly process and absorb nutrients that are vital for a healthy life.

The stomach is a yang organ and belongs to the Earth Element. It is the source of your overall health. It is no surprise that the stomach meridian runs vertically through your whole body! We must learn to listen to the stomach and make better lifestyle choices to support a fruitful life.

INSTRUCTOR UPDATE: We welcome Ozzy, Launa, Val, and Elijah to our instructor team this fall! We also formally welcome Sharly, Chloe, and Liu to our instructor team - they joined during the summer term and have been very helpful in our adult and children kung fu classes.


Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu emphasizes core training and developing powerful muscles and strong joints.  This is a YANG activity and it is balanced through breathing and stretching exercises.

*NEW* Shaolin Kids Kung Fu on Thursday evenings at 6pm for Foundation and 7pm for Forms. Open to kids of all levels.

*NEW* Shaolin Preschool Kung Fu on Sunday mornings at 10am. Open to preschoolers from 3 to 5 years of age.

*NEW* Shaolin Kids Kung Fu Level 2 on Sunday mornings at 10am for Foundation II and 11am for Forms II.  Open to children who have progressed to the Shaolin staff form and meet the minimum technical requirements. Parents can enquire at reception for more information.

Shaolin Tai Chi

Shaolin Tai Chi emphasizes breath with gentle movements to invigorate the body for health and vitality. This is the ultimate balance of YIN and YANG, incorporating both elements of physical and gentle martial exercises.

This term we'll be emphasizing striking and parrying techniques using traditional Shaolin methods. More specifically, we'll be investigating how hard and soft qigong work together with external and internal elements of the body for effective self defence.

We are planning to open more Shaolin Tai Chi classes, so be sure to fill our our questionnaire form when we send it out later this month.

Shaolin Qigong

Shaolin Qigong is largely about awareness of one's energy, and learning how to move the Breath Qi around the body. This is a YIN activity because the exercises involve gentle movements and breathing.

In the Qigong Foundation class, we will learn about the basics of the stomach organ and how to stimulate it with various qigong exercises and the Baduanjin form.

In the Qigong Intermediate Forms class, we will investigate the Stomach Meridian.  We will learn to diagnose our tongue, pulse, and key  acupressure points for advanced warning of problems, and to apply qi flow, massage, and other therapeutic techniques to support the stomach. We will also continue to practice advanced qigong forms such as yijinjing, xiaohongqigong, and jingangong.

We are planning to open more Shaolin Qigong classes, so be sure to fill our our questionnaire form when we send it out later this month.

Ping Pong

We've opened our Ping Pong club to the public!

We're in need of many more members for our Ping Pong club. No experience needed and free coaching on some days when the coach is present.

As we expand, we'll be able organize tournaments and add more time slots for ping pong.

Why Play Ping Pong?

Ping Pong is great for aerobic exercise, general fitness and strength, and hand-eye coordination. And it's fun for all ages!

In addition, for Shaolin Kung Fu students, playing ping pong will reinforce your training and overall self defence capability.


Ping pong is currently available at these days and times:

Thursdays from 8pm to 9pm - Open Play

Saturdays from 12pm to 1pm - Open Play

Sundays from 12pm to 1pm - Open Play

There is a maximum of 12 players and we have 3 tables. You can conveniently reserve your spot using our weekly schedule. 

Upcoming Shaolin Events

Summer Camps for Children 5 to 16 years - Limited Capacity 

Click the image above to watch a short 2 minute summary highlighting our kids camps!

This year we've extended our summer camps to include children up to 16 years of age. The camps are open to students and to the public.

We're also pleased to announce that we will be hosting 3 weeks of kids day camp from August 15 to September 2. The week long camps are from Monday to Friday from 9am to 3:30pm.

Master Dao and his team of competent and dedicated instructors will ensure an engaging, fun, and challenging time for everyone. This year we are focusing on team leadership games, Shaolin Wushu Festival, Shaolin Live Action Role Playing Game, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Rest assured that we will be following all the government regulations and protocols concerning the COVID-19 pandemic and day camps. That means regular cleaning, proper handing of food, assigning permanent seats, social distancing, etc. We will stay on top of the latest requirements and news to ensure a safe experience for everyone.

For more information and to register, go to our EVENTS page and click on one of the camp weeks.

STQI Downtown Toronto School's 11th Anniversary Celebration!

stqi anniversary information

We're celebrating our 11th anniversary and we hope you will join us for this unforgettable evening!

We'll be bringing out our Shaolin Spirit and perform Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qigong, and meditation together. This event will be held at Dim Sum King restaurant, at 421 Dundas Street West. All students are encouraged to participate.

The doors will open at 5:30pm and we will begin performances shortly thereafter.

After the performances we'll enjoy a tasty 10 course meal (vegetarian option provided - please indicate in the registration form).

The evening will include a special presentation showcasing the incredible achievements of our school and students over the past 11 years, along with fun games and prizes.

Dress code is 'Be Yourself'. Students are welcome to remain in their performance clothing or change.

We've booked the entire Dim Sum King restaurant but space is limited so be sure to fill out the form to purchase your tickets early!

View the Event Online Here and Register:

Next Worldwide Meditation Workshop


The next Worldwide Meditation Workshop will be held sometime in November. Watch for the announcement in September for date, time, and details.

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