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Student Testimonial by Florence C.
I'm a keen practioner of Tai Chi and Qigong, when possible, I practice with masters from China, invited by our teachers here in Normandy, France. I wanted to enjoy intensive practice during my staycation. I was so intimated to register on-line! Well, the results went beyond my expectations. Thankfully to an excellent pedagogy and progression, I could achieve a lot more than I had contemplated. I have moved on the the next level now, and again the progression allows improvements in the posture, in the quality of the circulation of energy,in the relaxation of the muscles in coordination with the breath, and so much more ... The on-line courses, with a user-friendly website, permit to work at your own pace and this is absolutely wonderful. I'm looking forward the coming years to become a dedicated practioner!
We have many options for you to learn the Shaolin arts:
In-Person and Live Zoom Classes
Learn with a qualified instructor. We have 3 Terms each year. Each term consists of 14 weeks of classes.
Fee is $20 per class with minimum 14 class purchase
$20 Trial Class option available when signing up
Commit to more hours each term and save!
Online Subscription Classes
Progressive content at where you can learn at your own pace, any time from anywhere.
Subscription fees start at $25 per month
$1 Trial Class option available for 1st time
Commit to more courses and save!
Private Lessons
Want to get a head start or improve upon specific area? Take private lessons with a qualified instructor.
Private lessons start at $80/hr
Semi-Private lessons up to 4 students
Contact us for outreach engagements
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Explore Shaolin
Posted on Monday, July 22, 2024
User Interface Experience We've added 'Discovered Chapters' navigation bar at the top. This will make it easier to see which chapter is currently selected, and which chapters must be completed. You can now see the completion status in the 'Course Steps' tab. This will make it easier to go directly to any steps that haven't been done yet.We've also renamed the 'Bookmarks' tab to 'Classes'. What is LearnShaolin? LearnShaolin is our subscription-b... [more]
Posted on Tuesday, July 16, 2024
Photo Credit: Sean Rayford / The Associated Press Master Dao Shi was interviewed by Chris O’Leary Sports Reporter, of the Toronto Star in 2016. We just remembered about this article so we've reposted it here. The original article can be found on Toronto Star's website here: [more]
Posted on Tuesday, July 02, 2024
ARTICLE SERIES The Principles of Chan-Dao Self Wisdom PERCEPTIONS EMOTIONS SUB-CONSCIOUS(coming in October 2024) EGO-SELF(coming in February 2025) Our ability to understand and manage our emotions is one of the principal ideas of Chan-Dao for achieving self-wisdom. This blog focuses on understanding what emotions are and how our body and mind are affected. By taking the step to... [more]
Posted on Friday, June 28, 2024
Proudly display your Shaolin Spirit through a unique hoodie jacket with a luxurious feel! The Shaolin Hoodie Jacket is a unique clothing product with luxurious and useful features. The exterior is made of 50/50 bamboo cotton to give it comfort, breathability, and durability. On the front are the Chinese characters that mean 'Shaolin'. On the back are the Chinese characters that mean 'Shaolin Martial Zen'. It's what makes Shaolin martia... [more]
Posted on Friday, June 07, 2024
For students who enjoy playing instruments, consider joining our first-ever Shaolin Band!We are interested in students able to play any kind of instrument including guitar, piano, violin, erhu, flute, drums, gong, etc. Eventually, we hope to be able to provide live music as part of our performances. To qualify: You have at least an intermediate level of capability with an instrument You can bring that instrument to the practice session You must... [more]
Posted on Wednesday, May 08, 2024
A fun and affordable way to get to Shaolin Retreat Camping is now available! We have booked a school bus to take people to the Shaolin Retreat Camping event and back (from the downtown Toronto school at 393 Dundas Street West). The fee is $80 + HST per person with the return trip. The latest we can leave is 6pm on Friday, July 5th, 2024. We would prefer to leave at 4pm as it does take 2 hours to get to the campsite. If ... [more]
Posted on Monday, April 22, 2024
Ping pong, or table tennis, is one of those rare sports that you can enjoy as a senior or as a child. It is easy to get into, enjoyable socially, obtain health benefits such as cardio and calorie burn, and can be as challenging as you like. Our Shaolin Ping Pong club welcomes beginners, advanced players, students, and the public. As we have more players, we will open up more times and days. At the moment, we play on ... [more]
Posted on Wednesday, March 27, 2024
Many people think they have to suffer from allergies for the rest of their lives and cope with it through medication or avoidance. Some of the more common allergies include nuts, milk or lactose intolerance, shellfish, headaches, animal dander, dust, and eggs. Allergies can cause itchiness, rashes, stuffy nose, teary eyes, digestion issues, and other uncomfortable symptoms. As we get older, we tend to develop more and more allergies. What many... [more]
Posted on Saturday, March 16, 2024
Summer Term Begins Monday, April 29th, 2024. Register online at Join us for an exciting summer with many popular events! New Classes for the 2024 T2 Summer Term We are excited to announce that we will have a new class for the upcoming 2024 T2 Summer Term called Shaolin Performance Class (see below for more information). It will be held on Mondays at 6pm for 1 to 1.5 hours. Shaolin Perfor... [more]
Posted on Tuesday, February 27, 2024
!! GIVEAWAY !! This March, witness a furry kung fu master’s return to the big screen! #KungFuPanda4 will be in theatres March 8th and thanks to @UniversalPicturesCanada, we are giving away passes to an EXCLUSIVE advanced screening of the film in Toronto on March 6th! To enter, reserve a spot for our kung fu classes on Friday, March 1st at 6pm. Only students (adults and children) who attend will be considered. ... [more]
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