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Written by Master Dao on Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Results from the 2023 Shaolin Team Canada Wushu Festival

Your Shaolin Team Canada 2023 Champions!

Congratulations to Yan Jing for winning the Shaolin Taolu Champion of the competition, and to Michelle Zhao for winning the Shaolin Timed Event Champion of the competition!

Yan Jing won the title for placing 1st in Shaolin Hand Taolu Form, 1st in Shaolin Weapon Form, and 1st in Shaolin Tai Chi form.

Michelle Zhao won the title for placing 1st AND breaking the world records for Front Kick, Outside Kick, Crouch Walk, and Monkey crawl.


Shaolin Taolu Champion Yan Jing


Shaolin Timed Event Champion Michelle Zhao

Taolu Forms Results

B1 - Mixed Wubuquan, Xiaolianhuan
10:30 AM Daniel Barr (Wubuquan)
Atryna Allen (Xiaolianhuan)
Aydin Allen (Xiaolianhuan)
Jalen Janmohamed (Xiaolianhuan)
B2 - Mixed Wubuquan, Xiaolianhuan
10:35 AM John Fu (Wubuquan)
Angelina Allen (Xiaolianhuan)
Willem Lasby (Xiaolianhuan)
B2 - Mixed Babulianhuan
10:35 AM Elizabeth Hatcher
Ethy Thompson
Milan Janmohamed
Saul O' Gorman
C - Mixed Tongbiquan
10:45 AM Callum Woo *DNS
Max Hughes
Rory Huang
D - Female Wubuquan, Babulianhuan
10:55 AM Ayda Zokai (Wubuquan)
Candice Brodeur (Babulianhuan)
Shima Bagherian (Babulianhuan)
Viktoriia Garanina (Babulianhuan)
E - Female Wubuquan, Xiaolianhuan
11:05 AM Ling Li (Wubuquan)
Kelly Cruise (Xiaolianhuan)
F, G - Mixed Xiaolianhuan, Tongbiquan, Xiaohongquan
11:10 AM Eric Lasby (F - Xiaolianhuan)
Val Burroff (G - Tongbiquan)
Ciela Kauffman (F - Xiaohongquan)
B1 - Mixed Babulianhuan, Tongbiquan
11:15 AM Max Mikulinsky (Babulianhuan)
River Eyres (Babulianhuan)
Youssef Garanina (Babulianhuan)
Logan Cruise (Tongbiquan)
B2 - Male Tongbiquan
11:20 AM Illay Haim
Myles Hibbert
Winston Morgan
D - Mixed Tongbiquan
11:25 AM Hossein Saeidi
Sharly Chan *DNS
Vivian Wong
B2 - Mixed Xiaohongquan, Dahongquan
11:45 AM Charlie Ho (Xiaohongquan)
Elijah Burroff-Ferguson (Xiaohongquan)
Victoria Thompson (Xiaohongquan)
Ayelen Eng (Dahongquan)
C - Male Xiaohongquan, Dahongquan
11:55 AM Keegan Thomas-Guerra (Xiaohongquan)
Jonas Kauffman (Dahongquan)
Koan Wong (Dahongquan)
Stephen Zhao (Dahongquan)
D - Female Xiaohongquan, Dahongquan
12:05 PM Colleen Hale-Hodgson (Xiaohongquan)
Michelle Zhao (Xiaohongquan)
Yan Jing (Dahongquan)
D - Male Xiaohongquan, Dahongquan
12:15 PM Andrew Cheng (Xiaohongquan)
Luka Pilasanovic (Dahongquan)
Stephen Young (Xiaohongquan)
E - Female Tongbiquan, Xiaohongquan
12:20 PM Ping Xiao (Tongbiquan)
Susan Cheng (Xiaohongquan)
B2 - Female Yinshougun, Meihuadao
12:40 PM Victoria Thompson (Yinshougun)
Ayelen Eng (Meihuadao)
B2 - Male Yinshougun, Meihuadao
12:45 PM Winston Morgan (Yinshougun)
Elijah Burroff-Ferguson (Yinshougun)
Charlie Ho (Meihuadao)
C - Mixed Yinshougun
12:55 PM Callum Woo *DNS
Keegan Thomas-Guerra
Ozzy Llave
Rory Huang
C, D - Male Meihuadao
1:05 PM Jonas Kauffman (C)
Koan Wong (C)
Luka Pilasanovic (D)
D - Female Yinshougun, Meihuadao
1:15 PM Michelle Zhao (Yinshougun)
Yan Jing (Meihuadao)
F, G - Female Yinshougun
1:20 PM Ciela Kauffman (F)
Val Burroff (G)
All - Female Baburouquan
1:45 PM Sharly Chan *DNS
Joan Patch
All - Female Yunquan
1:50 PM Candice Brodeur
Kelly Cruise
All - Mixed Rouquan
1:55 PM Andree Weisman
Stephen Young
Susan Shen
Yan Jing

Timed Event - Shaolin Challenges

Category Event Final Gold Silver Bronze
A, B1 - Male Front Kick
10:30 AM Liam Barr (A) 9.630
Daniel Barr (B1) 10.640
Logan Cruise (B1) 9.500
Youssef Garanina (B1) 10.240
B2 - Male Front Kick
10:35 AM Branson Chung DQ
John Fu 9.090
C - Mixed Front Kick
10:40 AM Callum Woo DNS
Rory Huang 10.150
D - Female Front Kick
10:45 AM Ayda Zokai 9.180
Michelle Zhao *New World Record 6.660
Shima Bagherian DQ
Yan Jing DQ
E - Female Front Kick
10:50 AM Kelly Cruise 9.750
Ling Li 11.360
Susan Cheng *New World Record 8.360
F, G - Mixed Front Kick
10:55 AM Eric Lasby (F) 9.360
Val Burroff (G) 9.630
11:00 AM Max Mikulinsky *New World Record 6.690
Youssef Garanina DQ
B2 - Male Windmill
11:05 AM Illay Ben Haim DNS
Winston Morgan DQ
C - Mixed Windmill
11:10 AM Ethan Chung DQ
Rory Huang DQ
D - Mixed Windmill
11:15 AM Michelle Zhao DQ
Hossein Saeidi 6.24
C - Mixed Outside Kick
11:30 AM Callum Woo DNS
Koan Wong *New World Record 6.270
Rory Huang 13.000
D - Mixed Outside Kick
11:35 AM Michelle Zhao *New World Record 7.330
Shima Bagherian 11.180
Andrew Cheng 9.960
B2 - Mixed Cartwheel
11:45 AM Angelina Allen DQ
Milan Janmohamed 9.930
Elijah Burroff-Ferguson DQ
C, D - Mixed Cartwheel
11:50 AM Keegan Thomas-Guerra (C) DQ
Hossein Saeidi (D) 6.270
Viktoriia Garanina (D) 7.210
B1 - Male Slap Kick
12:15 PM Logan Cruise 12.060
Youssef Garanina 13.570
B2 - Mixed Slap Kick
12:20 PM Angelina Allen 14.630
Elijah Burroff-Ferguson 12.210
Victoria Thompson 10.120
C - Mixed Slap Kick
12:25 PM Callum Woo DNS
Rory Huang 9.870
D - Female Slap Kick
12:30 PM Shima Bagherian 12.750
Viktoriia Garanina 11.150
Vivian Wong 9.510
Yan Jing *New World Record 9.000
E - Female Slap Kick
12:35 PM Kelly Cruise 11.300
Susan Cheng 10.960
F, G - Mixed Slap Kick
12:40 PM Eric Lasby (F) 10.900
Val Burroff (G) 11.780
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