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Written by Master Dao on Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Our 1st Annual Inter STQI Soccer and Volleyball Was a Success


The first ever sports gathering between STQI schools took place at Shifu Guosong's backyard on Sunday, August 7th.

Here we all are with are happy smiles and feeling excited to get the social soccer game started despite the 32 degrees Celsius temperature(over 40 with the humidex!) and being outnumbered by the Markham team 3:1!.


We started with the adult soccer game 7 v 7. We had a unique twist on the game - the 4' wide net counts as 2 points and the space outside of the net to the pilon about another 4 feet on either side counts as 1 point.


Here is Mei dribbling the ball and shortly after scoring a goal for our team. She was one of the many superstars of the day for our adult team including Parsons, Luka, Callum, Hossein, Blake, and Shima.


We held a lead until the last 5 minutes of the game and eventually lost 5-4. The Markham team was certainly very strong and we'll look forward to a rematch next year!


Here is Zavier dribbling the ball shortly before scoring one of many goals for our kids team. He was one of many superstars of the kids team including Liu, Victoria, Ethy, Elijah, and Gustav.

We also held a lead until the last 5 minutes of the game and eventually ended up in a 4-4 tie. Seems the Markham team as strong will power and able to catch up even when behind. Kudos to them!


We didn't really have enough players to field a team for volleyball although it was still a lot of fun. Thank you to Susan for joining us when we needed her!


Finally, thank you to all the parents that joined us on this special day! We plan to do this every year and we will be arranging our own social games next year in the spring and summer.

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