STQI Mississauga East Extension School of Downtown Toronto
1331 Crestlawn Drive, Unit C
Mississauga, ON L4W 1P8
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The 2020 T1 Fall Term has begun! Sign up any time during the term.Next Shaolin Meditation & Chan Workshop! Sunday, April 5th at 6:30pm - click here to registerMarch Break Camp for Kids! 9 spots left. Click here to sign upClick here to sign up for our eNewsletter

Paul MacLean, Jiao Lian: Head Shaolin Instructor at the Mississauga East Extension school

Welcome to the Mississauga East Extension School! We’re part of the STQI Toronto family of schools which is part of a bigger family of STQI schools across Canada!

We’re located at Eglington Avenue and Dixie Road. Our full address and contact info:

Full Metal Crossfit Gym
1331 Crestlawn Drive, Unit C
Mississauga, ON L4W 1P8

Latest News and Blogs

Mississauga East Open House!

We’re having an open house on Saturday, May 4 and offering free classes to the public from 2pm to 4pm. No experience is necessary. At 2pm we have children’s Shaolin Kung Fu class and at 3pm we have adult Shaolin Kung Fu class. Come on over to try a class, meet the instructor, and learn more about traditional Shaolin martial arts and how it can benefit your health! Click here to register for the open house: We are looking forward to having more students join our school and everyone is welcome! We have currently offer children’s and adult Shaolin... Read More »

A video recap of the 2019 winter term at our Mississauga East location

The inaugural winter term of the STQI Mississauga Extension school was a great SUCCESS as it came to a close today. We just started classes in January and opened our doors to the next generation of Shaolin Warriors. Throughout the semester we’ve been learning about focus, respect. We’ve learned about persevering when training gets tough while striving and having the confidence to hold keep your chin up the process. In just a few months the kids have learned fast and progressed quickly under the guidance of Instructor Paul. Here’s a short video recap with the kids! We are looking... Read More »

Mississauga East Students Demonstrating Perseverance

When the going gets tough the tough get going. Isn’t that what they say? @Stqi Mississauga we understand that life can punch you hard when you least expect it. We acknowledge that life isn’t lollipops and gumdrops! How do we equip ourselves with the skills necessary to overcome life’s energy draining moments? We throw ourselves into an uncomfortable environment and we persevere through practice in order to overcome that discomfort. It’s how we learn to endure mentally and physically. In the above photo, our students are building the muscles and the mentality to overcome the impossible in future endeavours... Read More »

STQI Mississauga Open House on Saturday, December 8!

Free classes this Saturday! The Open House will be held December 8 from 3pm to 5pm at 1331 Crestlawn Drive, Unit B (Dixie & Eglington). Here’s the schedule: Shaolin Kids Kung Fu Introduction – 3pm to 4pm Adult Shaolin Kung Fu Level 1 – 4pm to 5pm All are welcome – no experience necessary! Read More »

A Photo Blog of the First Two Weeks of Winter Term Classes at STQI

Classes have begun and many students are training hard to strive and improve themselves. It’s amazing how much goes on in a just a few days! We’re proud that our school seeks to provide the best environment for people... Read More »

Winter Term Begins January 6, 2020!

The break is over and we look forward to a fresh start for 2020! Classes begin January 6. Read More »

How Gentle Kung Fu Can Benefit You (Watch our 3 minute feature on ZoomerNews OneTV)

Gentle Kung Fu is a specialized martial arts class designed around an ancient Shaolin form known as Rou Quan.  This particular version of Rou Quan was passed on from Master Shi Guo Song to his disciple, Shi Chang Dao... Read More »

Shaolin Team Canada Wushu Festival 2019 YouTube Summary Video

Here’s a short 5 minute video highlighting the festival and athletes that participated in hand and weapons forms as well as the newly featured and exciting Timed Events! Read More »

Yoga Classes Begin This Weekend at STQI Downtown Toronto!

It was a great turn out for the Yoga workshop a couple of weeks ago and we received many glowing comments about how great of a teacher David Taller is. We are excited to announce that we are starting... Read More »

Shaolin Team Canada 1st Wushu Festival a Great Success!

The first ever Shaolin Team Canada Wushu Festival was held on November 3rd of 2019. This event was significant for many reasons including: Providing an opportunity for STQI students to develop their skills and experience. Showcasing a 1,500 year... Read More »

Join Us for *LIVE STREAM* at the Shaolin Team Canada Wushu Festival!

LIVE STREAM URL: We are broadcasting live for our 1st Shaolin Team Canada Wushu Festival. Tune in on Sunday, November 3 at 9:30 AM for the opening ceremonies! Watch athletes compete in traditional Shaolin forms as taught by... Read More »

Register for Free Yoga Workshop at STQI Downtown Toronto!

About Yoga at STQI Downtown Toronto The first Yogis of ancient India left their homes for the seclusion of the woods to come in contact with their innermost self. There in the stillness of nature they developed the practice... Read More »

Shaolin Spirit Showcase at Chinatown Festival with Short Videos

Our downtown school’s performance at the Chinatown Festival a few weeks ago was all about Shaolin Spirit. What is Shaolin Spirit? It is about learning to drop the ego, to work together, to be respectful, and to focus on doing... Read More »

Join Us for a Free Meditation Workshop on Sunday, September 16

What is this about? Shaolin meditation is about self-cultivation and making it a priority in one’s busy and hectic life. By practicing meditation, we can develop clearer perspectives and learn to lead calmer and more fruitful lives. Perhaps it... Read More »