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2022 T3 Fall Term begins September 5th! Register any time! No COVID restrictions - masks recommended.
We have reached 86.2% of our target student base. There are 24 spots left for the 2022 T3 Fall September to December term (which ends after August 21st).

Kids Martial Arts Kung Fu March Break Camp March 14-18
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Starts Monday, March 14, 2022
Ends Friday, March 18, 2022
From 9:00 am to 3:30 pm
Fee: $295.00 + HST
Maximum 20 participants
10 spots available
Dao Shi, Shifu
STQI Toronto Downtown Headquarters
393 Dundas Street West, 2nd Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5T 1G6
Thousand Student Hall and Meditation Hall
The northwest and northeast training rooms

Our camps are fun, challenging, and rewarding for children of any level

*For kids from 5 to 13 years of age, No experience needed *

Why Parents Love Our Camps!

Parents love to put their kids in training camps because they see immediate results! Kids become more focused and disciplined. Their fitness levels, confidence, and attitudes greatly improve.

Why Kids Love Our Camps!

Kids love our camps because they have fun and find it rewarding to persevere, strive, and focus. They enjoy participating in our daily meditation and philosophy which teaches them how to deal with real situations at school and home. Our games are innovative, creative, and challenging. They require cooperation, teamwork, and leadership.

And besides, we serve the best camp food ever!

What a Typical Day is Like

We keep things easy at the beginning of the week and then gradually increase the difficulty. Children are grouped by level and experience so they can learn and overcome challenges together.

A typical day would start off with meditation and philosophy to teach kids to settle their minds and focus on themselves. Our physical training with Shaolin Kung Fu begins immediately for the next two hours. Sometimes we will go out to the park nearby to train when the weather is nice. We provide breaks as appropriate and will give new students more rest time if needed.

We then have lunch together and the kids have the option to rest or do a quiet activity such as reading. Generally if we find the kids not tired, we'll push them harder the next day!

After lunch we have another 2 hours of Shaolin Kung Fu training. There are usually a couple of short breaks (which have to be earned through focused hard work!) and those on the Meal Plan receive healthy fruit snacks.


Rest assured, our camps are COVID compliant. Last year we ran 3 weeks of summer camps without any incidents and also gained a lot of experience on how to run them safely. We will also continue to have daily fun activities designed to help children develop great hygiene habits.

Our summary of rules regarding COVID are posted here:

Cancellation Policy

If for some reason the camp is cancelled or you are unable to meet the requirements to no fault of your own, we will issue a full refund. Otherwise:

You may cancel and obtain a full refund if: 1) The event is more than 7 days away, 2) The event is not fully booked.

If the event is fully booked, you may still obtain a full refund if a replacement is found.

There are no refunds or credits if the event is within 7 days.

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