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The 2023 T2 Summer May to August term begins May 01, 2023. Registration opens to the public on April 03, 2023, Monday.
We have reached our target student base for 2023 T1 Winter January to April term. In order to register, you must first fill out a registration request form here.

STQI Grading Exams 2023 April
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Starts Saturday, April 29, 2023
From 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (8 hours)
Fee: $55.00 + HST
Maximum 20 participants
11 spots available
Registration Required
Deadline to register is:
Friday, March 31, 2023 at 9:00pm
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Dao Shi, Shifu
STQI Toronto Downtown Headquarters
393 Dundas Street West, 2nd Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5T 1G6
Thousand Student Hall and Meditation Hall
The northwest and northeast training rooms

What is the Shaolin Grading System?

The Shaolin Grading System is designed to provide a clear and objective method to test one’s capability in a particular discipline of traditional Shaolin Martial Arts. It was developed by the disciples of Master Shi Guo Song's with his support.

At present, we provide Grading Exams for Shaolin Discplines of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Qigong. The exams are normally held twice a year, in April and in October. It is open to students from any STQI school in the world, including those students are training through the platform.

There are 5 levels of grading for each Shaolin Discipline.

Why would I want to be graded?

Grading will help one to see where they stand compared to the standard, and help one to identify areas that need more work.

Parents can rely on the grading exam results to see how their child is progressing.

It also helps one to become more motivated to train and excel, and achieve a higher capability.

All instructors and assistants are required to pass Grading Level 1 in their respective discipline. Instructors running their own classes must pass Grading Level 2 or higher. This ensures a higher quality level of teaching at our schools.

Grading Fees

The fee is $55+HST per test (you may register for more than one). There is no discount for multiple tests.

More Information Available

For more information about the grading process and specifics for each discipline, please click the link below.

About the Grading Exams

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