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Ping Pong Club at STQI Toronto

Why Play Ping Pong?

Ping pong, or table tennis, is one of those rare sports that you can enjoy as a senior or as a child. It is easy to get into, enjoyable socially, obtain health benefits such as cardio and calorie burn, and can be as challenging as you like.

As a beginner, you learn to improve your hand-eye coordination and reflexes so that you can make good contact with the ball, and get it back to other side. Then, you start to work on developing the fundamentals, which include basic forehand, backhand, and serving techniques.

When you can consistently hit the ball back and forth and play basic games, you will be having a lot of fun, and it's time to develop new techniques and progress!

At the early intermediate level, you are learning about spin, how it works and affects the game, and how to do various spin techniques like top spin and under spin.

By mid-intermediate level, you will be working on forehand and backhand drives, smashes, top spin, and under spin. Your serves will also include fast serves and under spin serves. That's quite a lot to learn and to do consistently, especially in a game!

Many players are quite happy staying at this level. It's truly an enjoyable and engaging experience!

For those wanting to progress to the advanced level, more dedication to practice is needed to refine techniques, improve consistency, conditioning and footwork, and developing advanced strategies. You will also want to invest into better racquet technology.

You may be wondering why we have Ping Pong at STQI Toronto. The skills, reflexes, and footwork will enhance your Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi capability especially at a higher level of play.

So come and join our Shaolin Ping Pong Club and get started in table tennis today. We have a friendly environment where our coach and advanced players will give you free advice and exercises to improve your game.


Ping Pong is currently available on Thursday evenings at 8pm for 1 hour.

Each term we have 14 weeks of ping pong.

As our club grows, we will be sure to add more times.

Club Fees

The fee to join the Ping Pong Club is $140+HST per term and is available to the public (anyone).

Students of STQI (i.e. taking Kung Fu, Tai Chi, or Qigong classes) can enjoy at a 50% discounted rate of $70 + HST per term, or use regular Shaolin Class Tokens for ping pong.

Ping Ping is included for all students of STQI with the unlimited token package.

Club Membership gives you access to all the ping pong sessions and access to any events or tournaments that we plan in the future.

For those wanting to have a dedicated coach with private lessons, please send us an email at and we will provide more information.

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