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Information for New Students

New Student Info
Here we attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions from new students.

How Do I Register?

To register:

  1. Create an account on our website by clicking on the 'Student' menu button at the top menu.
  2. The system will send you email to validate the account.
  3. Click on the 'Student' button again and login to access the Student Portal.
  4. Click on the 'Sign Up' menu button.
  5. Choose 'In-Person and Live Zoom Classes', or 'Online Subscription Classes'.
  6. Continue selecting options according to your requirements (i.e. term, # tokens, etc.), and it to the cart.
  7. Add a uniform set if attending in-person (click on 'Shopping' menu button and then 'Standard Uniform Set'), and add it to the cart.
  8. Click on the 'Cart' menu button and confirm the order.
  9. Make a payment to activate the tokens or subscription.

What Should I Expect Learning as a New Student?

Our classes are all designed to cater to new students and advanced students.

Many of our exercises are organized in multiple rows of students (particularly Shaolin Kung Fu and Shaolin Tai Chi). As a new student, you will want to start at the back row, so that you can follow the more experienced students.

The learning curve is initially steep because many of the techniques require coordination, core strength, and flexibility. Also, new students need to learn 'how to learn' from the teacher.

This is why your instructor will not overload you with instruction. You need time to figure out how to command your body.

On average, it takes about 3 months of classes to get comfortable with the fundamentals.

So do not feel silly if you cannot grasp the techniques quickly. As Master Dao will often say in his classes, 'The slower you learn, the better!'. In other words, strike down your ego, and just focus on self-improvement. Everyone will have learned the same way and will understand the difficulty you face in the beginning.

So many classes! Where do I start?

The best place to start is the class that attracts you the most (and what leads you here).

Adults who are physically able to run and jump can consider Shaolin Kung Fu classes, Shaolin Tai Chi classes, and/or Shaolin Qigong classes.

Adults who have joint problems in the legs or hips can consider Shaolin Tai Chi classes and/or Shaolin Qigong classes.

We have many students who started with little coordination and fitness capability. Some began with Shaolin Kung Fu, and some began with Shaolin Tai Chi or Shaolin Qigong.

I want to do Shaolin Kung Fu but I feel intimidated!

One of the key philosophies of our school is for everyone to focus on themselves, instead of what others may think.

By learning to strip away the ego, you can focus on self-improvement, rather than competition. This healthy mindset will enable you to strive and improve in anything you do.

You will find that all of our adult students struggled in various ways at first. Some had a tough time with coordination, some lacked flexibility, some had little physical strength, and others had low cardiovascular endurance.

The point is, when you first start, expect to struggle. You will feel comfortable with this because everyone has also experienced the same thing.

What Should I Expect As a Parent of a New Student?

Parents who have kids in the Shaolin Kung Fu program will no doubt have expectations of the performance of their children.

So the most important advice we have for parents is to let go of such expectations!

Shaolin Kung Fu has a high learning curve for adults, so for children, you need to understand that the learning curve is even higher.

It's not just the techniques they have to learn. They have to also learn to embrace the pain that comes from training, and to develop the desire to push themselves.

You may want to consider trying a class for yourself. It will greatly help in understanding what your child will experience.

Trust in the system and the instructors, and be patient. You are welcome to talk to the many parents we have in our supportive community.

Why Do I Have to Commit To a Term?

Our school has a 'Term System' similar to that of attending a public school, college, or university. We have 3 terms each year: Winter Term (January to April), Summer Term (May to August), and Fall Term (September to December).

The Term System is great because it helps us to develop weekly course materials that is progressive over 14 weeks. Otherwise, we would have to provide generic classes like that of many gyms. It is very difficult to progress like this because Shaolin philosophy, theory, and techniques require careful attention of study by each student.

By attending regularly (and preferrably on the same day and time each week), our instructors will be able to track your progress and set goals for you.

If you do not have the mentality to attend each week, then our school isn't right for you.

In a typical school, you are expected to attend weekly. If you miss any classes due to illness or injury, there is no recourse for you other than doing extra homework to catch up.

Adults also may have a hard time attending regularly on a specific day.

In order to make scheduling easier for everyone, we provided SCHEDULING TOKENS for convenience. This way students can reserve a spot and cancel if needed, and also do make-up classes. So yes, we are way more lenient than a typical school!

Therefore, when you register for classes, you will want to consider signing up for a whole term. This is also why we provide more discounts for those committing to 14 weeks, and additional discounts for attending more than one class a week.

Can I Start Halfway Through a Term or At the End?

If you are enthusiastic to start right away, then yes you can, even if there are only two weeks left!

There is still value in starting mid-way because you will need lots of time to develop the motor mechanics for techniques in kung fu, tai chi, and qigong.

Please keep in mind that the instructor will continue to help you improve in class, but will not necessarily review all the materials and theory you have missed.

How Do I Register for a Trial Class?

Students participating in-person or through Zoom can purchase a Trial Class token.

Firstly, you will need to create an account. Click on 'Student' at the top menu.

Once you've verified your account, you can log in by clicking on 'Student' again.

If you are registering for a family member, you will need to add them first by clicking on 'Account > Family Manager'.

Now click on 'Sign Up' and select the In-Person option.

Select the current term.

In the 'Select # of Tokens to Purchase' dropbox, you will find the option for a trial class.

What are the Rules at the School?

The following rules help to provide a better experience for everyone:

  1. Students must wait in the lounge area until their class begins. Please do not train or socialize in empty rooms. If there is a qigong class in session, please refrain from talking loudly and whisper instead.
  2. Students may use the washrooms at any time or change before, during, or after their class. If a class is in session, please walk along the walls and wait for a pause in the class. If students are training with weapons, be sure they see you when you walk past.
  3. No strong odours. Some people are allergic to cologne/perfume, or are disturbed by body odours. Be sure to wash your uniform after each class and shower regularly.
  4. Strictly, no bare feet allowed. If you forget your shoes, you will need to wear socks at a minimum, or purchase a new pair. Bare feet spread germs easily. Wearing our specially designed Feiyue shoes also enhances your training.
  5. Set your phone to silent (except in emergencies). You are here to train and avoid distractions, while the phone ringing will disturb others.
  6. Put your belongings in a cubby shelf. We provide day-use shelves for students to temporarily store their backpacks and other articles. We have limited lockers available for rent as well.
  7. Students must wear our standard uniform. The uniform is important for various reasons.

    Primarily, it provides a comfortable outfit in which to train. The yellowish shirt (we provide t-shirt and long sleeve options) is a mix of bamboo/cotton which is comfortable, soaks your sweat, wicks the sweat, and is also durable. The pants are loose, allowing flexible movements. The shoes are flat and soft, which helps keep you grounded with a good grip.

    The uniform also trains you mentally. It prepares you for class each time, and helps remind you to strip away your ego and the need for external appearances. It's not about how you look, but how you feel inside!

How else can I show respect at the School?

When entering or exiting the training areas:

  1. The first time you enter the training space, put your hands together and bow. This helps prepare you mentally for training, and to put aside your day-to-day thoughts and worries.
  2. The last time you leave the training space, turn around and face the training area, and put your hands together and bow. Take the lessons with you back to your daily life.
  3. You may also bow each time you enter and leave the training space (as you prefer).

How to say hello to Master Dao:

  1. Say 'Shifu Hao' while putting your hands together

How to say hello to the Main Instructor (when he/she is teaching or wearing an instructor uniform):

  1. Say 'Jiaolian Hao' while putting your hands together

How to say hello to an Assistant Instructor (when he/she is teaching or wearing an instructor uniform):

  1. Say 'Zhujiao Hao' while putting your hands together

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