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Support Team Canada at the International Shaolin Wushu Festival Competition

What is this About?

Shaolin organizes an international martial arts tournament every 2 years that hosts over 50 countries and 2000 athletes from around the world. The tournament is on such a grand scale that it is commonly thought of here as the Shaolin Olympics. The next tournament will be held in October of 2018 and it will be the twelfth tournament. It is called the Zhengzhou China International Shaolin Wushu Festival and is held in Zhengzhou city which is very close to the famous Shaolin Temple in China. What makes this tournament unique is the emphasis on making friends through martial arts. Thus it promotes friendship and respect for one another even though it is a highly competitive sport. This is very much in line with the philosophy of Shaolin.

In 2014, we, the collective schools of Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute along with the support of Shaolin Luohan Temple, organized a great fundraising effort to not only raise money but also awareness about Shaolin and this tournament. Together with three STQI schools, we were able to put together a team of 35 children and adult athletes to represent Canada. We are proud to say we brought back over 50 medals with gold medals in many traditional Shaolin competition categories.

We are organizing a Canadian Team for the 2018 tournament and we will have around 15 to 20 athletes ready by October.

Why is it important to represent Canada?

Canada’s presence is consistently missing at this world-stage competition due to the lack of awareness and financial support. And yet, many major countries of the world such as USA, Germany, Norway, Columbia, Switzerland, India, Russia, Sweden, Thailand, Slovakia, Singapore, etc. have representation.
With Master Shi Guo Song’s leadership, we now represent one of the most authentic Shaolin cultures outside of the original Shaolin Temple in China. We need to showcase Canada alongside the world’s best Shaolin martial artists.

Why We Need Your Help

We need everyone’s support whether it is in the form of financial funding, donations, corporate sponsorship, letters of support from the government, and media exposure. With your collective support we will be able to further develop our athletes, encourage participation, and educate others about the mental and physical health benefits of Shaolin martial arts, qigong, and meditation.

How to Donate or Get Involved

Please contact us (see below) if you’d like to support us or obtain a corporate sponsorship package.

For donations by cheque, please write the cheque to SHAOLIN TEAM CANADA. We will send you an official receipt for your tax purposes.

If you’d like to make a donation via PayPal, please use this link below:

The Shaolin Canada Team and Contacts

The Canadian Team’s head coach is Dao Shi. Over 20 candidates from 7 to 60 years of age, including children and adult males and females, are currently in training. They must each pass several formal rounds of testing by Dao Shi and his master, Shi Guo Song. The athletes of the Shaolin Team Canada will be formally selected and announced in May 2018.

All the candidates are proudly Canadian and from from the following ethnic backgrounds: Chinese, Croatian, Brazilian, Scottish, British, African, French, Filipino, Scottish-Mohawk, Dutch, Serbian, Hungarian, Portuguese, and Irish.

Our general contact for all matters regarding the Shaolin Canada Team is:

STQI Toronto
393 Dundas Street West, 2nd Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5T 1G6 | 647.724.8004

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