STQI Downtown Toronto School

Gentle Shaolin Kung Fu in Toronto


Gentle Shaolin Kung Fu focuses on using Internal Energy and Awareness for movement and emphasizes learning a rare ancient traditional Shaolin taolu hand form known as Rou Quan.

It is a great workout even without any running, jumping, or high-impact exercises. Many of the drills and exercises are similar to the regular kung fu program.

This class is also great for those looking for an alternative to the slow forms of Tai Chi or Taiji for seniors. In comparison, you may discover that Gentle Shaolin Kung Fu is much more challenging for the mind and body yet still relatively light on the physical. We invite you to come try a class and decide for yourself.

We also recommend this program for those taking the regular Shaolin Qi Gong or Kung Fu Fitness and Practical classes. For Qi Gong students, you will be apply your internal qi flow into the Gentle Shaolin exercises and forms. For the regular Kung Fu students, this class will help you to improve the usage of your core energy to deliver great power.

Sample Video of Rou Quan Form

Please forward to 12 minute mark for the Rou Quan performance.

A Typical Gentle Shaolin Kung Fu Class

A typical class involves the following activities:

  • Warm up exercises
  • Flexibility and Stretching
  • Internal energy stances
  • Shaolin Foundation exercises including basic kicks and punches
  • Low impact kung fu practical exercises
  • Shaolin soft hand/weapon taolu forms with emphasis on Rou Quan